Franchisor Relationships


Your association with National Franchise Center can help you grow your business. The management team of NFC have years of successful experience in the sale and development of franchise systems as well as direct executive management of national franchise companies. We offer you the opportunity to put our team of franchise professionals to work for you.

What we offer

We offer franchisors the resources to create an efficient, streamlined process to build their franchise system. By utilizing our core business of franchise sales, which may be combined with our support systems our clients’ brands can obtain the resources usually found in larger and more established franchise systems.

NFC sales activities are and will continue to be our core business and expertise. Our staff, combined with our sales team members in many cities, and our marketing and public relations efforts are designed to attract high net worth individuals, single and multiunit operators to our client companies.

How It Works

  • NFC sells franchises.
  • You provide prospect leads to us and we sell your concept to those leads.
  • We take the prospects all the way through the sales process and you collect the $$ from them.
  • We get paid.

What we seek in Franchisor Partners

NFC is interested in creating and nurturing relationships with a limited number of franchisors that are good candidates for our assistance. Here’s what we look for from a prospective franchisor partner:

  • Industries and investment levels that are attractive to our clients
  • Non-duplication of existing inventory (unless the existing inventory partner is nearing “sold-out” status)
  • Outstanding validation from existing franchisees (or extensive, positive company operations)
  • Acceptable compensation for NFC
  • Outstanding franchisee relationships
  • Ability to be marketed throughout the US and elsewhere

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