Looking for a Franchise?

What can National Franchise Center (NFC) do for you?

But first, are you interested in learning about becoming a franchise business owner?

Our services are FREE to you, and here is how we help you to find the franchise that is right for you:

  • NFC specializes in helping individuals and companies learn about the many choices available and how to select the RIGHT ONE for you.
  • NFC will provide you with guidance, information, and support as you seek your goals. We are ethical and experienced and can help you find what you want, and what fits your needs. Our experienced staff are trained to help you find what fits you.
  • We know that investing in a business is a big decision. No doubt you have many questions. Here you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions.
  • NFC is a national company founded by individuals with vast experience in the franchise business. The combined experience of our management team comprises many years of management and development experience with national and international franchise systems.

Does it cost more to work with NFC?

The answer is absolutely NO! We get paid, if and only if, you find a franchise that you buy. We are paid a portion of the fees you would pay anyway, irrespective of whether you go to the franchisor directly, or are introduced to them by us.

How will NFC help me save money?

NFC helps you to save money in several ways: You can learn about franchising, researching your business, identifying the right structure and strategic mix of the businesses you are looking, and introducing you to the franchisers that fit your model. Instead of going from place to place, you can get all this information in one place. This saves you both time and money.

We’ll encourage you to do thorough first person research on any franchise that you are investigating, and we’ll even help you find a choice of franchise attorneys and other advisors to consult with before you become a franchisee.

How will NFC help me buy a Franchise?

NFC will help you to buy your business by providing a series of services to you. It’s important to remember that the decision will always be yours, so the responsibility for making a good one rests with you. Our biggest value is that we help you to discover choices, and to make sure that the choices match up with the unique strategy, goals, and needs that you personally possess.

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