Why NFC?

Here are some of the reasons to consider when looking at the use of our service:

1.  We can sell franchise prospects.

2.  We only get paid when we close the sale.

3.  Very active with the broker/consultant networks. We have many active broker/consultants across multiple groups that we work with.  We have an extensive training program for brokers that we work with.  Our program is to focus on our client companies.  One of the best ways to kill a sale is to offer the “kitchen-sink” in opportunities.

4.  The end cost to you is less.  You don’t need an employee, no insurance or withholding costs.

5.  We offer different pay structures, you can provide the leads and we provide leads too. We often generate our own leads via the internet and our own lead bank. Our plan is flexible so as to fit your needs.

6.  Single point of contact.

7.  We are discreet. Your prospects are yours.  We do not “spread” prospect leads.

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